CNC'ing New Subwoofers

I had two subwoofers I built back in 2015, but wanted to build two more now that my home theater was complete. I used it as an opportunity to learn how to 3d model parts and operate a CNC. My friends think I'm crazy, and that my house is going to collapse around me as I watch a movie... we'll see!


Modding a Crestron CNAMPX-16X60 amplifier

The Crestron CNAMPX-16X60 amplifier is an absolute beast of an amplifier, clocking in at 90 lbs and packing 16 channels of amplification at 60 watts each. You can find them on eBay for under 300 bucks too, but you have to figure out how to emulate Cresnet in order to actually use it. Read on to see how I made mine Wi-Fi and 12V trigger controlled.